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Is Valorant's Anticheat Spyware?

Since I enjoy playing competitive multiplayer FPS games, many times I have been asked why I don’t play Valorant. I know my reasons very well but explaining them is always uncomfortable since I know most people don’t care for that type of details or they think that someone having such knowledge might be suspicious. I totally disagree with them but I also don’t care enough to have an extensive argument with them so I just say anything to brush the questioning.

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There's No Such Thing as Fair Multiplayer Competitive Games

Note: This article was originally drafted in 2024-01-26 but it was republished in a later date after I rewrote for quality sake

During the last 3 years I have played and trained almost everyday in the fps multiplayer game Apex Legends. Unfortunately the increasing occurrences of players hacking in the server has made me play less by the day.

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