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Women decide if a relationship will begin, men decide if a marriage will begin.

Even your Push notifications are spying on you.

In a statement, Apple said that Wyden’s letter gave them the opening they needed to share more details with the public about how governments monitored push notifications.

“In this case, the federal government prohibited us from sharing any information,” the company said in a statement. “Now that this method has become public we are updating our transparency reporting to detail these kinds of requests.”

We really need depravity free platforms. Community sites where not everyone just can go and make the most primal kind of content. Ephemeral media should get out of everyone’s radar too. Once again, the nature of it makes it not worth any effort than the most primal stuff.

This is not good for you, the creator, the brands. It’s just dumb and exploitative for that sake of novelty and engagement. But it’s disgusting and it’s destroying us.

What happened to art? What happened with weird media? It all just became stupid. The idiots are winning.

So it happened. I deactivated my Instagram account. What a horrible place. It’s full of consumerism, narcissism and girls that would be better reading a book or playing a game than shaking their ass for attention.

When Insta came out everyone was like Woo! we get to see this extremely attractive people make a clown of themselves for free. By now it feels like those clowns should have went to sleep long time ago.

I still have a Mastodon account and I go there every month or less, the place has a cool vibe but it’s just not interesting for me. Besides that, I have really given up on the social media / network thing. Everyone should be more aware about which kind of boxes you end up putting yourself in.

I really need to focus in plastering more of my identity on this site. I will keep working on it. Cheers.

As I’m getting older I get forcefully conscious of the accessibility aspects of UX. So… I changed the font to the Lexend family and wow. I can see everything better now. This theme’s default font is probably lacking weight. I have to query Google fonts to keep the site lightwight and snappy which doesn’t feel totally right but the other option is greatly increasing the payload and thus the loading times and thus getting penalized … by Google metrics. The matrix ain’t real you say? He he. See ya around.

This whole Sam Altman series of events are extremely suspicious and I hope it is already being investigated by the USA authorities since this is not the first time that Microsoft pulls this kind of getting the top executive of a “partner” company to work fully under their (Microsoft’s) interests. Let’s not forget about Stephen Elop.

The whole world needs the USA to have a top of the line educational system. One of the first steps to greatly improve it is realizing that you shouldn’t leave your kid’s education solely to the state.

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