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Every day that passes I agree more with the idea that people with slower reaction times have more fun in Apex Legends. The time that it takes to kill someone with a mouse and a keyboard is too high and most of the times if you don’t hit a perfect spray on the opponent someone else will have to shoot at him to down them. If your reaction times are faster than your team-mate’s you are gonna be the master kill assistant because you won’t get any of those kills, you will make just a ton of damage.

So there was a little bug in my blog, it didn’t really affected me much but I knew about it. It took me some weeks to care enough for me to report it in a Github issue, then it stayed in the open issue queue for 3 weeks, I then decided I would fix it myself, it took me some days to decide and implement the fix. Took some other days for the pull request to be accepted and merged. In between this time I abandoned my blog and writing all together. Congratulations to me, I got paralyzed by my perfectionist stupidity.

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