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Goku’s training on Planet Namek was significant as it played a crucial role in his growth and development as a fighter. During his time on Namek, Goku underwent intense training, including training in 100 times Earth’s gravity while traveling to Namek, which helped him increase his strength significantly. This training regimen pushed Goku to the brink of death, allowing him to refresh himself using Senzu beans and realizing the Saiyan characteristic of strength increasing when overcoming death. Additionally, Goku’s arrival on Namek marked a turning point in the battle against Frieza and the Ginyu Force. After healing from his injuries, Goku confronted Frieza, ultimately transforming into a legendary Super Saiyan and defeating him, albeit leading to the destruction of Namek.

Furthermore, Goku’s training on Planet Namek showcased his determination and resilience as a warrior, highlighting his ability to push past his limits and achieve new levels of power. The intense training he underwent during his time on Namek was instrumental in preparing him for the challenges he faced during the Namek Saga in Dragon Ball Z.

RIP Akira Toriyama. You left a mark in our childhood memories.