Hola! I'm Miguel and this is my blog

About Me

Hello, visitor!

Sp-cy is the creative project of Miguel, from Coyoacán in Mexico City.

Sp-cy is many things: it is a media character who plays with cutting-edge technologies to express himself artistically, but it is also this site.

I have been on the internet since 1998. I am a digital native and I widely understand the stack that is used to build most computer tools. In my youth I learned to play different instruments, I was deeply educated in sound engineering and design, understanding from synthesis to the mathematics of the audible.

My insatiable curiosity has led me to continue exploring tools and artistic disciplines that complement my personal vision of what is beautiful.

During the last years I have been working as a Game Master and Technical Consultant for leading technology companies in Shenzhen, Singapore and Silicon Valley.

With Sp-cy I explore concepts of identity and expression in resonance with technological development and the dissemination of art. This site is a collection of my feelings, expressions and interests. If you also have a site like this, let me know in the comments section using a Telegram account. I hope you find something useful on this site.