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An Explainer of This Site's Colour Palette

More than once some homunculus has incorrectly guessed the reason I chose the extravagant colours featured in this website’s UI. I will explain the simple reasons for this choices.

Purple & Carmine:

The colours purple and carmine were considered luxury colours primarily due to the rarity and expense of the natural dyes used to produce them. Tyrian purple, in particular, was extracted from the secretions of the murex snail and required an enormous amount of snails to produce a small amount of dye. This made it extremely costly and exclusive, making it a symbol of wealth and status.

Similarly, carmine, which was derived from the cochineal insect, was also a highly prized and expensive dye, especially in the pre-synthetic dye era. The rarity and high cost of these dyes led to their association with luxury and royalty, making them highly sought after for use in high-end fabrics and textiles.

Iridescent Green:

The tail feathers of the quetzal were considered a luxury item primarily due to their rarity and the difficulty in obtaining them. The quetzal’s long tail feathers, particularly those of the resplendent quetzal, were highly prized for their vibrant colors and iridescence. These feathers were not only valuable for their aesthetic appeal but also held significant cultural and symbolic meaning in ancient Mesoamerican societies, particularly among the Maya and Aztecs. The feathers were associated with high status, royalty, and spiritual significance, making them a coveted luxury item among the elite.

A resplendent quetzal sitting in a tree branch