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The Tech Education Problem

Companies are constantly complaining about the lack of skilled labor, the problem is that the labor they require is focused in a very narrow set of tools that they use internally. Deciding what to learn or what to teach with this consideration becomes basically impossible. It’s very rare that you would find identical toolsets in tech jobs since most of the tools are proprietary and for internal use only.

Here’s my hot take on using the Front Matter area in HUGO’s markdown documents to add content to a post. Front Matter should only be used for post settings. Shortcodes are meant to make adding recurrent special content to a post easier. Yes, that’s the shortcodes, not the front matter.

Enabling the comment section in a post, disabling the image resizing, setting the post as a draft or not. That’s ok. But if you use the Front Matter to add videos, or anything that belongs to the content part of the article. You are just breaking the whole purpose of using markdown and standardized formats to maintain a webpage. If you want to change theme, or view the file in another markdown app, a part of your content is now lost because it’s not living in the content area.

On Short Form Video

  • Stop making content for Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. You and everybody knows it is bad and if with that knowledge you keep enabling the damage, then you are also a perpetrator, even when you are just trying to promote like everyone else.

  • It’s not so much that the phone is addictive, it’s the apps, they are made with the intention to be psychological manipulating products.

  • They are destroying the creative class, your creativity included. Creatives feel great reward when going out on discovery missions. The feeds use this against you.

What the Silicon Valley goofs are not telling you is that the real immediate critical threat that Large Language Models bring is absolute espionage of the entire population. It’s time to wake up. Make your family aware, really think about the implications of being able to make sense of all the surveillance data with computation instead of an intelligence team. It’s here and you need to act.

Bruce Schneier’s Essay on The Internet Enabled Mass Surveillance. AI Will Enable Mass Spying.

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