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Simple Zucchini Chicken Soup

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Today’s dinner is a simple soup made from chicken broth and zucchinis. I decided I would share the recipe over here.


First make a simple broth from just chicken and water. Today I used chicken legs and thighs only but sometimes I use a full chicken including the carcass to make the broth more flavorful. I cooked the water and chicken for an hour in an Instant Pot but you can use any pressure cooker.

I then blended around 5 saladette tomatoes, chopped half of a large onion, 2 large zucchinis and 1 small potato into small but chunky cubes more or less the size of the tip of your fingers.

After the broth cooled down and released enough pressure for me to be able to open the lid of the Instan pot I added the blended tomatoes, the cubes of white onion, potato and zucchinis to the pot, boil for 45 mins in low heat.

A blurry boiling pot of red soup with some chunks of zucchinis and a layer of darker red seasonings floating on top of the liquid


One mistake new cooks usually make is not adding enough seasonings, I understand they are expensive and you can get choice paralysis when deciding what to add and how much of it but just make a custom of imagining how you would like your soup or stew to taste and trust your intuition. For powdered garlic I imagine I ass a teaspoon or two depending the amount of soup I’m cooking, then I might add some granulized onion to raise the onion flavor even if I added the chopped onion.

I’ve been a little lazy lately with my herbal spices so I end up using a mix of fine herbs mix that I buy at Walmart that does a decent job for almost anything you can think about. It’s mostly basil and rosemary so it goes great with any tomato-ey soup and bread toast. I also add this mix to eggs so it’s good to always have it.

I also added pepper, salt, paprika and pepperoncini flakes to make it a bit hot and punchy. After it’s done boiling for some mins you will be ready to enjoy some healthy and delicious soup. Buen Provecho!


Don’t forget to heat up some tortillas directly in the stove’s fire so they carbonize a bit. That’s my favorite way of heating them. If I have bread I’ll use that instead because bread only lasts a day before going stale or dehydrating in this dry and warm city.

Extending your soup

In a couple of days when the pot is not so full I will add some noodles to make it a variation of a minestrone soup. This is a good tip to make your efforts last a bit longer. It’s usually the best idea to make the noodles in another pot, I like to break them into spoon size bits before cooking and then store them in a separate container so they don’t get mushy when reheating the soup. You can also under-cook them just a bit so they are perfect after reheating.


  • Chicken (legs and thighs or a full chicken including the carcass)
  • Water
  • Saladette tomatoes (around 5, blended)
  • White onion (half of a large onion, chopped)
  • Zucchinis (2 large, cubed)
  • Potato (1 small, cubed)
  • Powdered garlic (1-2 teaspoons)
  • Granulized onion
  • Fine herbs mix
  • Pepper
  • Salt
  • Paprika
  • Pepperoncini flakes
  • Tortillas or bread (optional, for serving)

The final soup ended up being a cloudy broth with soft chunks of zucchinis, potatoes, onions and a spicy punch

How was it?

It was very good. The zucchinis really take the flavor spotlight and the spicy broth made it delicious.