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The Tech Education Problem

Companies are constantly complaining about the lack of skilled labor, the problem is that the labor they require is focused in a very narrow set of tools that they use internally. Deciding what to learn or what to teach with this consideration becomes basically impossible. It’s very rare that you would find identical toolsets in tech jobs since most of the tools are proprietary and for internal use only.

Today in the News 24-26-01

  • Microsoft Activision is laying off 1,700 employees.
  • Pioneer might change name to AlphaTeta?
  • Generative AI tools keep popping from beneath every stone.
  • Illegal immigration is getting out of control in the MX-US border.
  • Taylor Swift had some deepfakes made and circulated on X and suddenly they are a new thing again. These type of things are already illegal in MX.
  • The Zed text editor coded in Rust was made open source. Unlike VScode, it’s a native app, not Electron based. But it’s only available for MacOS because only rich US developers deserve attention.
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