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How Linux Changed My Perspective on Digital Services

I’ll will be candid on the fact that I have never used GNU Linux as my main OS. I’m a very creative person and most of the bleeding edge artistic tools are only available on Windows, so get rekt m8.

I have only used Pop_OS! and Ubuntu.

But I do have a laptop that used to run on Pop_OS and is now on the Mantic Minotaur version of Ubuntu. Being a 13 yr old laptop, it still performs decently for most tasks. Open source LLM’s and Video Editing is out of the machine’s capacity but I have a decent PC for that.

I could argue a lot of how Linux and Open Source is so sublime and empowering but this is not the point I want to express with this post.

What made me change my perspective on Software and digital services in general is that in GNU Linux Operative Systems, everything is a file. When you realize that most programs are just a bundle of files, or that a database is just some file with an specific kind of formatting. After realizing this, my thirst for new services for productivity and management got quenched.

So what actually changed in my day to day after this? Well here you go:

Task Management $ ToDo’s

Wiki and Documentation Creation

Agent Dashboards

Team Management

This can also apply to static websites, it’s just a directory with files. To me this means that a lot of software and services can be replaced with a bundle (Directory) of files.