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Rage 2 Gameplay Notes

Sometime ago I snatched Rage 2 on an Epic Game Store giveaway. I’m a fan of Doom and ID Software’s general game design principles so I decided to give it a try.

I played some hours of it and liked it but after maybe 4 hours of gameplay I lost interest and uninstalled it. Some weeks ago I remembered the game and decided to reinstall.

i must be around 15 hrs. deep and it’s still enjoyable. In basic terms, it’s Doom like gunplay in an open world map. Missions can get repetitive but if so, just go out and touch grass. This game has a good balance of engagement tradeoffs, it’s hyper violent and really hectic when in battle but since it’s so repetitive, you are comfortable playing just a couple of hours.

Right now I want to unlock the rocket launcher. I’ve been playing the whole Campaign in Hard difficulty. I think there is one more difficulty level above but I’m enjoying it like this.

This game makes me feel masculine in a very good way. There’s a lot of pink accents but there strident instead of “corporately inclusive”. The map has a diversity of geological features, there is a swampy area, a desert area and a canyon maze like area. The character art style is a blend of punk inclined personalities and corporate mercenaries.

I plan to keep on playing at least some more hours and then I might uninstall for some time just to gladly pick it up when I get another craving. By then, I might turn these notes into a review.

Update on 2023-12-02T07:24:00-06:00:

A videogame city in ruins

I reached a city in ruins in the Jungle. After fighting what seemed like Terminator, I got a Gravity Dart gun. I think I have had enough of Rage 2 for now. Good times!

Virtual Jungle