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On Twitter

  • Jack Dorsey didn’t invent a thing. Twitter wasn’t innovative since the start.

  • Microblogging not only was a thing before Twitter, it’s better version, blogging was the prevalent way of people having a presence on the web and interact with each other.

  • Blogs had comments, which are way better than likes.

  • Millionaires and billionaires like to buy media companies and news groups in order to persuade the public interest to follow their plans and vision.

  • The whole thing operated like an intelligence gathering organization and propaganda operations. It made no sense.

  • One of the biggest issues that most modern social platforms suffer is how easy it is to post a picture or post a tweet. The nature of the creation tools and the time of consumption of the media hosted in these platforms don’t promote the content to receive time and love before being posted.

  • It will probably default. Elon basically bailed the government operation after it had lost all it’s trust after the laptop thingy. The rulers will pretend that it was just a terrible oversight over a maniac man’s ambitions.