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Audio Damage - Currently Supported Synths and FXX

Here’s a list of the currently maintained synths and fx’s made by Audio Damage. Great company that supports Linux and DRM free plugins. They have extremely fun to use plugins that feel like instruments more than utilities.


AD056 Replicant 3: Multi-effects plugin, a sound-mangling glitch powerhouse.

AD054 Other Desert Cities: From basic stereo dual delays to never-before-heard granular pitch-shifting chaos.

AD052 Panstation 2: PANDEMONIUM!

AD049 Enso: Looper.

AD048 PhaseThree: A detailed model of the MuTron Bi-Phase.

AD047 Ratshack Reverb 3: A detailed model of that classic of classics, the Realistic Electronic Reverb.

AD045 ADverb2: Vintage digital plate reverb.

AD044 Discord4: Stereo pitch shifter.

AD043 Filterstation2: Classic serial/parallel/stereo dual filter topology.

AD041 914 Mk 2 Fixed Filter Bank: Faithful recreation of the Moog Modular Synthesizer 914 module.

AD040 QuatroMod: A true powerhouse of stereo-insert modulation.

AD037 Kombinat Tri: Distortion.

AD036 Dubstation 2: Dub Delay Plugin.

AD034 Eos 2: Algorithmic Reverb.


AD055 Quanta 2: 10-voice granular synthesizer.

AD053 Phosphor 3: Modeled on the alphaSyntauri, a vintage digital additive synth from the early 80s.

AD051 Continua: Virtual analog synth with a twist.

AD042 Axon 2: A drum synth driven by artificial intelligence.