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I Foresaw the Coming of Machine Learning Models and Their Impact

For over 10 years, I stopped uploading my photos to social media. Everyone told me I was paranoid and that I shouldn’t worry about anything. But I knew that eventually, all that data would be used for something over which we would have no control.

They call it Artificial Intelligence, but don’t be fooled - it doesn’t think, it’s not intelligent. These are “machine learning” models, and so far, the most popular thing they can do is process various human languages or do simple tasks. I think the most impressive factor for most people is that these language models can be programmed based on the very language they are processing. Many years ago, Mark Zuckerberg discovered that humans love to get a reaction to their online actions, so chatting with a model that responds coherently most of the time has left everyone impressed.

The data processing of these language models has spilled over into visual media, where through stable diffusion techniques, we can now generate media using the same medium to program it. Curious, isn’t it?

Complex years are coming for all those influencers who uploaded hundreds of hours of their lives to tech platforms in order to gain popularity and economic benefits, as they will be the raw material for the media and propaganda of the future, with or without their knowledge, with or without their consent. The puppets of the media, of the powers of government, will be the main victims in real life and perpetrators in the world of data. Now they can make you say whatever they want, or see you doing whatever they want, because in the end, everything is a simulation. Or is it?