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My UFO Experiences

I created this blog to be able to talk about whatever I want, so this is a good time to put that purpose into practice.

Throughout my life, I have had many experiences with lights or objects in the sky. Believe me, I wish I could live in ignorance of this topic, to be able to just go about my life as if there were no unexplained objects in the skies of our country.

UFO in Ajusco

This was in the early 1990s, we lived near Ajusco when several reports of a strange object flying overhead came in to the city’s radio stations. I went up to the roof with my dad and yes, there it was, an abnormal light floating in the sky. The next day it was reported as probably Venus.

UFOs in Morelos

We used to rent a property on the outskirts of Cuernavaca. It was already on what is considered the “Autopista de el Sol” or highway of the sun, so the visual pollution from the city lights was minimal. There was superior visibility of the stars and the celestial body than what we are used to in the city, so it was common to spend a few minutes at night lying on a lounge chair near the pool just looking at the completely starry sky. I was with my brothers and cousins doing that, lying at night looking at the sky and talking when we noticed 2 very small lights moving in a straight line from opposite directions towards a midpoint of encounter, when they met it could be appreciated that one of the lights shot off at about 45 degrees from its original trajectory in 1 second. One light remained for a few more seconds at the meeting point and then slowly returned along the same trajectory from where it came.

AI generated picture of a grey alien wearing a Mexican style hat.

UFO or UFOs in Guerrero

This was around the 2010s. We were on our way to Acapulco for a weekend at the beach. About two hours into the journey from Mexico City to Acapulco, between the jagged mountains of Guerrero, we could see a cloud in the shape of a tornado with a thunderstorm inside it. The cloud was not on top of the hills, but between them, when we got closer we could see that there was a very bright object floating to one side, also of a rhomboid shape. As we continued on the highway, we lost sight of the first object as well as the cloud, but after a few minutes we noticed a very similar light that followed us for several minutes flying overhead of our vehicle.

UFO in Oaxaca

While on a virgin beach with very little light pollution, at night we could see a huge dark triangle flying silently overhead without making any noise, only its shape could be seen as it flew over, covering the stars behind it.

UFO in Cancun

Arriving at my mother’s house in the car, we saw a taxi driver and his passenger leaning on the taxi, arguing about something while looking and pointing at the sky. When I looked up, I could see a silver or reflective object in the shape of a grain of rice. After a couple of minutes, it disappeared by suddenly gaining height. In less than 1 second it disappeared.

UFO in Division del Norte CDMX

This one was too clear because it was in broad daylight and because it was flying at very low altitude, plus I saw videos with objects practically identical years later. This one was like a flying saucer but in an oxidized, opaque color. I was in the car while my brother was driving, when we turned onto the avenue I could see the object and I thought it was a model of a UFO to advertise something, while I was looking at how it was held up, it also disappeared flying in less than 1 second. When I say flying, it’s how the brain processes what’s happening, but in reality it’s so fast that I have no idea what they do when they disappear.

AI generated picture of a grey style alien wearing a Mexican inspired blazer and a sombrero

Closing remark

I’m not the only one who has seen these things, there are many other people who have reported similar experiences. I think it’s important to keep an open mind about this topic and to continue to investigate. I will try to get more info, pictures or videos depicting the types of aircrafts that I have personally seen. I will update on this later.