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The dead of the old Internet

  • RARBG is down.

    • The BitTorrent protocol isn’t going anywhere. Farewell, Saint of Sharing Indexes. F.
  • Reddit is down.

    • Taken down by the administrative class that as always has great disdain for the value of the users and the employees. Decreasing the value of a human being till acquiring them becomes profitable.
  • Twitter is … Twitter.

    • People forget how damaging the short text restriction is for nuanced and deep conversations. This site doesn’t do anything special. Mentions and the easiness of reach are its biggest strengths.
  • APIs are a paid luxury now.

    • Big tech companies forget they depend on user-made content to populate their platforms and have anything to offer. This will increase the resentment of the creative class.
  • The bot’s have gotten hyper-interactive.

    • Large Language Models and Stable Diffusion models can get you horny or can make you inflict damage on yourself.
    • Not everything that speaks is intelligent is the new normal.