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I Love Working in Tech but I Will Never Be a Coder... And That's OK

I ve been thinking in writing this post for a while but after watching Techlead’s most recent video I felt inspired enough to pull the trigger. So the following will be a convolution of his points and my personal thoughts or feelings.

The Video

  • The barrier of entry is way too high and filled with non regularly practical knowledge.

  • Competition is global, if you are not outstandingly skilled you are just one of thousands.

  • The real skillset that is used for many contemporary tech projects could be considered of a hobbyist level of difficulty since many of them require little to no-code.

My Thoughts

  • Since many years, my nerd tingles really wanted a job in big tech, so I started studying coding, computer science and technology in general more in depth.

  • I’m not an academically outstanding person, I come from a broken home and I never excelled for many reasons. I ended up working earlier than my mates so I could get back on track and get my high school certificate.

  • After some years, I understand a lot about coding but I’m far from being a coder and I think one of the main reasons is that I don’t need to code to do any of my personal project neither coding is a passion that I have myself. That passion is music and the arts for me. But I do have a deep respect for coders, I’m very conscious about how difficult and the thousands of hours that it takes for a person to become a good programmer.

  • My broad understanding of many different tech stacks helped me get a job in tech as a Technical Costumer Support professional. Before I started my first job I was scared that it would be too difficult for my autodidact self but it turned to be just the right fit for me since it’s a natural interest for me.

  • My work usually involves doing many things in which I have innate or natural talents. I have to educate myself with the product I will manage, if there isn’t any documentation, I have previously created the entire Knowledge Bases for the teams, deployed wiki sites and get in meetings with all the respective teams so we get the documentation to be factual and verified. Setting up the contribution standards to the wiki’s and KB’s is also crucial so all the teams help keep it updated.

  • My main occupation during the day is responding and reaching clients that have technical issues with the product so I can analyze it and assign a ticket to the responsible teams.

  • The knowledge and lexicon that I have acquired during the last 15 years of tech nerdery have been crucial for my success and comfort in the positions I have been responsible for.

  • I still love it because it gives me a sense of being useful and using my innate talent that sometimes clash with other types of jobs but as a CX specialist I can channel them as positive working skills.