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How to Fix Macbook Pro 8,2 Late 2011 Wifi on Ubuntu 23.04

My most recent hobby project has been installing Ubuntu 23.04 to my Macbook Pro from late 2011 which I use just as a side device. It’s been using Pop!_OS that honestly had been working great but I wanted to upgrade the SSD for a faster and bigger one.

I popped in a Samsung 850 Evo in there with around 500 GB. but I kept the previous ssd inside in a sata2 port as a backup system. The bootloader in that system broke when I re-installed Grub on Ubuntu but it seems it’s fixable.


So I just wanted to leave some notes for the future in case the driver breaks again on the articles that helped me get the wireless working again on the Gnomebook.

  • First the article that ended up having the commands that got me working again:

    The commands that achieved the goal were the following:

    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get --reinstall install bcmwl-kernel-source
    sudo modprobe -r b43 ssb wl brcmfmac brcmsmac bcma
    sudo modprobe wl

    The first two commands install the driver and the second 2 resets it so they are usable without a reboot. The system had all Broadcomm related drivers previously uninstalled via Synaptiq or the command line.

  • Installing Broadcom Wireless Drivers

b43 open source driver just in case the Broadcomm one stops working in the future.