Hola! I'm Miguel and this is my blog

I can’t ignore the fact of how predatory it feels that Instagram and YouTube are pushing short vertical looping videos so hard in their platforms. Also the fact that a lot of these videos are extremely attractive females that are hard not to look at for someone like me.

I hate it. It fills my brain with so much junk. At the same time in this society if you don’t have any social media people assume there is something wrong with you. And yes, there is something wrong, I’m neurodivergent, I’m an adult with unmedicated ADHD, that’s why I shouldn’t be there.

I will probably give up on the Instagram thing. But YouTube is where I get most of my non gaming or music entertainment. I just hope they either give up on that or they give us the option to make them disappear for ever and ever. I hope you are having a better day.

I’ve noticed that when my ADHD is in a really rough stage my finger tapping or finger drumming while trying to go along the music will be really off. I usually drink coffee to stimulate my brain and compensate the effects of this condition. When properly caffeinated my finger drumming will be tighter, but of course it doesn’t make me a good drummer.