Hola! I'm Miguel and this is my laboratory of cybernetics
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So it happened. I deactivated my Instagram account. What a horrible place. It’s full of consumerism, narcissism and girls that would be better reading a book or playing a game than shaking their ass for attention.

When Insta came out everyone was like Woo! we get to see this extremely attractive people make a clown of themselves for free. By now it feels like those clowns should have went to sleep long time ago.

I still have a Mastodon account and I go there every month or less, the place has a cool vibe but it’s just not interesting for me. Besides that, I have really given up on the social media / network thing. Everyone should be more aware about which kind of boxes you end up putting yourself in.

I really need to focus in plastering more of my identity on this site. I will keep working on it. Cheers.