Most of the action happens at my microblog, come to the party!

We must put a stop to the manipulation of information, the espionage of users and the spread of propaganda.


Starting today I will stop using the common social networks that I still used, more than anything to mindlessly stare at shitty content, to force myself to use my microblog.

The current state of intervention and manipulation of what you get to see in a social media site feed has created a status of distrust and discordia in the network.The Internet wasn’t like this and it can be really different if we all take small actions like deploying your own website and using social networks with open source code and standards where all the users can be aware of the algorithm adjustments and the content moderation is done by the communities themselves instead of a foreign mega corporation. We need to work on this.

Come to the party!

Go visit my microblog if you want to see more of the topics I’m interested in, I use that site for sharing other peoples content that I like just like social media. This frontpage will mostly exhibit my original works.

Content migration.

From 2022-08-24 all the articles published here and the now disappeared blog subdomain will be transferred to the microblog. Welp, adios.

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